What Will Digital Marketing Look Like For A Business Post COVID-19

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As we all continue to do our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19, more customers choose to stay indoors to protect themselves and their families and are shifting their time and attention to the digital sphere. As a result, digital marketing is your company’s best defense against our new normal. 

This Is Not A Temporary Shift

It’s my personal opinion that COVID-19 is giving birth to a totally new way of doing business. As consumers become more comfortable with practically living online (learning, social interaction, shopping, etc.), businesses may need to adapt to these new consumer habits. 

We are living in and witnessing a true transformation of the way we will live our lives for years to come. When all of this is said and done, new habits will have been formed that will push businesses out of their marketing comfort zone. As a business owner, this is the time to plan on shifting some of your traditional, “in-person” marketing budget into more digital strategies. 

The New Customer Experience

Strip mall storefronts and offices will be replaced by website traffic. Is your website a true representation of your business? Does it make your customers’ buying experience easy and enjoyable? 

If you sell products, give your digital storefront a makeover. Create a robust online store to include detailed product descriptions that can provide your potential customers with the information that will help make a purchasing decision. 

If you are service based business, try to find ways to take your traditional in office services and “digitize” them. We saw this first with healthcare providers and tele-visits. Other service based businesses can do the same with virtual consultations and services. 

Create an interactive and customized experience with interactive video to engage your visitors and drive them closer to a purchasing decision.

Messenger Based Marketing & Sales

Never miss an inquiry or sale. Unify all of your incoming messaging, including those from social media and messenger apps, into one hub. A smart messenger based CRM allows you to place all of your inbox into one dashboard so that you don’t miss one inquiry or important message. These also make implementing automation technology like artificial intelligence and chat bots easy. Additionally, a messenger based CRM can automate conversations with potential customers with AI based bots. 

Your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Strategy & Plan

For digital marketing and advertising to be a success, you need a lot of traffic visiting your piece of digital real estate. As the demand for digital friendly businesses that offer a convenient and custom experience grows, the market will become very competitive. But having a lot of traffic going to your website isn’t enough. You need to plan for success. How are you going to maximize your traffic? Where are you going to drive traffic from? How will maximize up sell opportunities and conversions?

Not to sound like a broken record but…

Last but not least…

I leave you with this, again. 

As more businesses take financial hits due to all of our efforts in flattening the curve, now is the time to work on positioning yourself and your company. Build trust with your community by becoming a trusted source of information. Provide some relief during this time through creative content creation. 

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