Save Time, And Money By Automating These Marketing Tasks

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Between taking care of clients, answering emails, sales calls, managing your team and long to-do lists, it can be very to overlook lead generation and marketing. Here are 3 marketing tasks that can be easily automated with free tools.

1. Your social media content and posts.

Creating social media content and then scheduling your content can be tedious and time consuming. Scheduling your social media posts is the first task you and your team should automate. This alone will save you hours out of your workdays. Use a social media scheduling platform to push these pieces of content live the day that you scheduled it. Today there is social media management platforms to match every budget. Facebook also offers Facebook Creators Studio where you can create, schedule and manage your content for your Facebook and Instagram.

For even more automation, you can look at this AI powered social media planning and scheduling tool.

2. Blog and content writing.

Writing content is an important marketing strategy to grow your audience and build trust with your followers. Content builds you up as an authority in your space and makes it easier for someone to decide to do business with you. But content writing can be time consuming and tedious. According to Statista, in 2019 survey found that bloggers spend close to 1-3 hours on just one post. So what can you do automate content creating and distribution for your website? Schedule multiple blog posts ahead of time. Most website platforms like WordPress allow you create and schedule multiple blog posts. Save time when creating new content. For example: (1) Use FAQs from your customers and prospects to create detailed content and provide not just great value for answers to your customers questions. (2) Look at social media holidays for inspiration and content ideas. (3) Repurpose content you previously create, like a virtual event or live stream you hosted and turn it into a written post.

Grab our free content planning tools.

3. Content distribution.

Once you've published a new blog post, broadcast it to your audience on places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your email list.

Try a W2PSocial Auto Publish to automatical share your blog posts to Facebook.

4. Research.

Save hours searching the web! Keeping up with what’s new in you or client’s industries can be a job in it of itself. With Google Alerts you can save search terms relevant to your company, industry, and competitors, it will monitors online mentions in real time and send you daily, or weekly emails you go over at your convenience.

To set up your Google Alerts enter the terms you’d like to monitor and keeps tabs on.

Get Google Alert notifications right in your inbox to learn about competitors and your industry
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