Stand Out From The Competition with Local SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO, is a critical digital marketing component for any business of any size. SEO is used  to improve how your website ranks on search engines like Google. With Local SEO, this is more targeted for businesses with brick and mortar locations because it’s aimed to optimize how your business ranks on local searches online. So in other words, with Local SEO, if you are a baker in Tampa, Florida, your business’s digital footprint is optimized so that when a potential customer searches “bakery near me” for example, then your business would show up on their search.  This is done  through, on-page optimization, local citations, link building, and local directory submissions.

Local SEO is important because it amplifies your presence locally and connects you to your ideal local customers. The biggest searching engine today, Google, is constantly updating their search algorithms. This is done to ensure our searches render the highest quality, most relevant search results. Our Local SEO services will help your business gain top page ranking.

Don’t lose out on customers because of out of date local business listings .


Over 90% of consumers will search for a business online before making a purchasing decision. 

Inaccurate business information can be costing you more than you know. And as a business owner, it really is just not on the top of your to do list. 

We keep your business information accurate and your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) standardized and up to date across search engines, social networks, maps and more. Additionally, we will enhance your business listings to attract new customers when they search locally for businesses like yours.

Offsite Optimization

Citations and link building are key to build trust and authority in search engine algorithms. This is done through link building and citations. Our team will connect your website and your business to reputable links and citations from high-ranking sites in your industry like Yelp and Google. Additionally, connect you to local links from websites and businesses in your area.

Reports & Analytics

Monthly insight reports help you see how searches and visitors interact with your listings by tracking actions like profile views to calls to help you make more informed business decisions.


Industry & Location Keywords Optimization

Keywords are the key component in SEO, unfortunately, many businesses use them poorly and don’t invest the time and effort needed to ensure the proper and most optimized keywords are being used.

Our team will do research on the best keywords for your industry. We identify the highest-searched relevant keywords in your local area to position your business with your community’s needs, preferences, and trends.

Why do I need Local SEO services?

With local SEO and geo targeted marketing, you can virtuall “drive” more customers to your business. Today more than ever before, your ideal customers are using search engines to research services and businesses locally. This has been amplified with things like Siri and Google Assistant, voice search.

If your business is not showing up at the top of local search results, your business will shortly be forgotten or overlooked by potential customers and your competitors will benefit instead. 

Word of mouth, referrals, and social media marketing all help you get noticed online, but by establishing a digital footprint to include Local SEO you are going to see long lasting results.