3 Powerful Ways To Use Interactive Video In Your Marketing

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With interactive videos your viewers can engage with your business in a brand new way. With interactive videos you can drive more engaged viewers and generate more leads to promote your services, sell your products.
In 2020, the argument that video is significantly more effective than image based and text based content has already been settled. It’s no secret today that a piece of video tell a client or lead more about your product or business in 30-seconds than a great written social media post or email. 
This all sounds great, but now that the word is out about video, what are you going do to stand out from your competitors? Lets take a look at how you can do just that with Interactive Video!
First, let’s start with the misconception that interactive video is complex and expensive. Interactive video platforms today are as easy to use as a website drag and drop builder. The cost for your interactive video project goes hand in hand with the goal of your interactive video. 
Interactive Videos add life to your videos, making them more engaging and effective. Moreover, interactive videos help you get valuable insights into your viewers by allowing them to sit in the driver’s side, letting them choose their experience and you using the powerful analytics you collect to make business and marketing decisions based these behaviors. Using interactive videos, you can facilitate and make traditional one dimensional actions like schedule a meeting, send a message, download a report and even buy a product or service an interactive experience, right from your customer’s device!

What’s Interactive Video?

Interactive videos allows a viewer to interact with your brand while watching. An interactive video can includes clickable spots or “hotspots” that respond when a viewers clicks it. The response can be; (1) jumping to a different part of your video (2) open a file (3) view information on a page in your website, an many others. An interactive video allows the viewer to make their own story when consuming your content. 
If this alone doesn’t convince you of the advantages of interactive video, let’s look at the numbers:

So you’re probably wondering, is interactive video right for me and my business?

The short answer is yes!
Interactive videos are great for any business. 
With interactive videos your viewers can engage with your business in a brand new way. With interactive videos you can drive more engaged viewers and generate more leads to promote your services, sell your products.
For service based businesses like a doctor’s office, a medical spa, even a pet groomer, a maid service and others, you can embed interactive videos to your website to guide potential customers, clients and patients through your services and treatments, give a tour of your office, meet the staff and even guide them to make their first appointment with you. 
As a business that sells physical products, interactive videos can help you sell your products by navigating your potential customers through their decision making progress. In the end, they can even buy your product and pay online so they can just pick it up at your store.

3 Powerful Ways To Use Interactive Videos In Your Marketing

(1) Create An Interactive Online Shopping Experience

Turn your videos into a virtual show room and a key player in your sales process by showcasing your products.  You can engage with your potential customers in a whole new way by letting them choose their adventure. Add “hotspots” to your video to provide more relevant details about product such as prices, sizes, etc.

You can add call to action buttons that link to your online store where customers can complete a purchase. You can easily create an interactive and engaging digital catalog and showcase multiple products in one video and add individual hotspots for each item. 

(2) Align Your Content With Your Prospects Interests And Needs.

Interactive videos are a powerful marketing and sales tool, not only because of the interactive experience, but also because an interactive video allows you tailor the message to segments of your audience, increasing engagement and conversions. 

(3) Launch Highly Targeted Remarketing Campaigns

Create a promotion for a new product or service in a fun and interactive way with interactive video. Allow your potential customers to choose their own adventure. Afterwards, send them email and SMS content that aligns with their interests. 

If you’d like to learn more about interactive video and would like for our team to create a custom plan for you and your business, request a needs analysis.


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